New York City

Wherein our hero indulges himself in an actual blog entry…

So while it was all hitting the fan in Austin, I find myself in New York City where people don’t know what picante sauce is supposed to taste like, mostly for the ¬†purpose of talking about applying the web to the problem of elicitation of expert opinion and formal development of collective wisdom with Paul Baer. [more]

Blog traffic

Dot Earth seems like write-only media.

I put a link back to here in a recent comment on Dot Earth which has generated zero hits. On the other hand Deltoid mentioned this blog more or less in passing and I got dozens of referrals. Granted these aren’t directly comparable, a self-serving comment being worth less than a link from the blog entry, but I would have thought, based on the huge comment streams, that Dot Earth had a huge readership and there would surely be some back-scatter. [more]