Still Nothing About Polar Bears Here

My feed from the wonderful NASA Earth Observatory web series today looks like this:

News: Melting Ice Drives Polar Bear Mothers to Land

Information is temporarily unavailable.

News: Volcanic Mudflow Witnessed in New Zealand

Information is temporarily unavailable.

News: Faults’ Structure May Dampen Earthquakes

The last two links work normally, but the first one yields

The requested URL /Newsroom/MediaAlerts/2007/2007071225366.html was not found on this server. [more]

Not about polar bears

Scientists representing the Soviet Union traveling overseas were enjoined from mentioning certain technical topics that might reflect negatively on soviet socialism, and were required to refer any questions about those polar bears to their accompanying commisar.

Wait, did I say “polar bears”? Sorry. Sorry. Never mind. This comment has nothing to do with polar bears. [more]