Google is My Friend

A search today for “Climate Depot” will place my name above Morano’s!

Also, I appear in the sixth listing and am probably nearby in the association network for the third one (follow the “recently hired” link in the Wonk Room story). So it looks like the Google is supporting my candidacy, as prominently mentioned in the first blurb! [more]

Texas Drought, Global Heat,

This picture is plastered all over the front page of the Austin daily paper, with the caption

“With the Pedernales River nearly empty Thursday at the Texas 71 bridge near Spicewood, a dock is left high and dry.”

The accompanying story is about the difficulty in obtaining drought aid.

On the weather page, meanwhile, is the advice that the high temperature may be below 100 for several days running next week. [more]

Morano vs Montana

I suppose a blog like this one ought to take note of the fact that Mark Morano’s web project is up and running; and it takes the interesting approach of trying to be the Drudge site of the global environment. Some serious stories are actually represented, though a bit swamped by denial stories,and peculiar diversions (the “millions for sheep farts study” thing again, for instance, via an obscure little news article from a small town newspaper in Australia. [more]