Bill Moyers’ Eulogy for Lady Bird Johnson

From Bill Moyers’ eulogy for Lady Bird Johnson:

[A] man called me back at the White House from the pay phone at a local train depot. He was choking back the tears. “As long as I live,” he said, in a voice breaking with emotion, “I will thank God I was here today, so that I can tell my children the difference courage makes.”

Moyers’ eulogy is here; more stories here.

The Great Society

Found in a fascinating book called Social Indicators, Raymond Bauer ed., American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1966:

The Great Society looks beyond the prospects of abundance to the problems of abundance … Everywhere there is growth and movement, activity and change. But where is the place for man? … The task of the Great Society is to ensure our people the environment, the capacity and the social structures which will give them a meaningful chance to pursue their individual happiness … Thus the Great Society is concerned not with how much, but how good – not with the quantity of our goods but the quality of our lives. [more]