Opinions Expressed by My Employer

My opinions aren’t necessarily those of my employer, and the opinions of my employer aren’t necessarily mine, either.

My employer, the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas, has invited Fred Singer to give a talk this Thursday to a public lecture series that has required student attendance. The lecture is entitled “Nature — Not Human Activity — Rules the Climate“. [more]

Snippets from the Pseudo-Debate

In looking through all 203 responses to Tierney’s anti-Holdren screed to date I came up with some interesting nuggets. Alas, the idea that “global warming” is some sort of conspiracy is not going away. Witness, then,  a grab bag of comments from John Tierney’s recent anti-Holdren screed in the NYTimes blogs that I think are sadly representative:

#73, Steven Walser:

none of us KNOWS what the correct response is, should be publicized far more widely. [more]

Great Moments in Unintentional Irony

In a more or less typical “economists who agree with my preconceptions are reasonable, economists who don’t, aren’t, and climate science doesn’t really exist” essay, someone calling himself the Skeptical Optimist manages this wonderful blurt:

GW news is too frequently contaminated by confirmation bias, belief preservation, and rehearsed political dogma. I stop reading as soon as I detect any of that, which means I skip a lot of GW “news.”)

I was glad to see Freeman Dyson’s recent review…

(Link added by your humble editor. [more]