The Burzynski Clinic

Someone acting approximately  lawyer defends someone claiming to have a cancer treatment, who charges enormous amounts of money to people for being in clinical trials. These clinical trials have been going on for decades without any published result.

It seems to me that charging people to be part of clinical trials is the sort of corrupting influence that you want to keep away from people doing, or acting as if they are doing, scientific research. So regardless of whether the said clinic is or is not investigating a valuable therapy, it seems to me they should not be entitled to charge for it until its efficacy is demonstrated.

I note this partly as an example where money really has the capacity to corrupt science, and partly because the clinic is Texas-based, making it local science news.

Via quackometer. If you’re interested, check the Wikipedia article as well. The balance of the article is unfavorable toward Burzynski, but it is interesting to note that he has an MD, has been faculty at Baylor, and holds fourteen patents.

Pharyngula has more.



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