There is a heat wave in Europe, and in particular, Florence has reported its highest temperature ever.
Austin has surpassed its maximum number of 100 degree days and is still counting.
The highest dewpoint in the history of Minnesota has been reported.
And there’s this:


  1. From you fellow Florentine heat-waved, confirmed!! Here, we are supposed to have hot summers, but such a hot end of August was unbelievable. A stretch of some ten days when temperatures consistently were measured above 40 deg. C in town. Absolutely horrible, except for Texan tourists who, I imagine, arriving here didn't find much of a differenceThe funny thing is that in the news they keep using the term "nice weather." Nice weather? This weather is trying to bite at us!! And if it is a sign of times to come (which it is) it is very, very, bad

  2. I link to some of the opposition sometimes. It is best not to ignore them entirely. Of course his arguments are baseless. I am leaving it as an exercise for the reader in this case.(For future reference, the conversation with guthrie is in regard to this.)

  3. I would be interested in why you found the "Perry and global warming" article interesting. The author demonstrates no knowledge of climate science, and makes the usual lies. (Frankly, if thats the best a strategic studies person working for the dept of offence can come up with its no wonder your country gets into stupid wars)Perhaps the questioning about evolution and why politicians need to know science is relevant?

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