Queensland Again


Update: this is a long way north from Brisbane, fortunately.


  1. The reef?The worst impact will be later, the same as from any other floods. Water contaminated with fertilisers and pesticides on top of the expected silts are not coral friendly.Population affected? Cairns area, 150000ish, Townsville, 170000ish plus Ayr Innisfail and other points down to Mackay – population 120000ish plus a few evacuees.

  2. Urge? No. Evacuation is now compulsory in parts of Cairns. The storm surge is now expected to be 2 metres rather than the deeply feared 4 metres, but with a cyclone of this power and size raging in afterwards, evacuation is the best thing. They're telling people who are "self-evacuating" to try to get as far as Mackay or further south.

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