Not Actually Going Anywhere

I’ve been enjoying the accolades and kind advice, much appreciated, but you all missed my point.

“I am leaving” means I am leaving. “I am leaving I am leaving”, particularly with reference to the Paul Simon song, means I ought to leave for my own health and sanity, but probably, knowing myself, I am not.

However, my online presence is going to change a bit. Expect fewer and shorter contributions for a while, while a new project is in the works.


  1. With the almost daily grind of bad news and worse news on the climate change front I find it difficult to keep from despair and/or rage. I've often wondered how posters like you and Joe Romm deal with the load. If you're taking a break from confronting it head on I'll thank you now and look forward to whatever you continue to post.

  2. As a lurker, I can only say "whew". Your voice of reason is important in these forums. Your frustration, though, is understandable – Paul Simon summarized your opponents perfectly:"Still a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest..mmmmm mmmmm"(the mmms are fingers in ears, no?)

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