Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is the large body of water forming much of the border between New York and Vermont, and extending into Quebec. To a Montrealer, it’s a major feature of the neighbourhood.

The islands and peninsula in the northernmost part of the lake are especially fascinating, since despite being in the USA they are as much a part of the culture of rural Quebec as of New England or New York.

Does Lake Champlain freeze up in winter? Well, sometimes.

According to the graphic from this site, Lake Champlain failed to freeze over six times during the thirteen decades 1816-1945. In the decade 1996 – 2005 it also failed to freeze six times. That’s an impressive trend.


  1. One of the more studied lakes in North America is in your old stomping grounds of Madison. Search Lake Mendota ice, or something similar, for data going back more than a century, and graphs. A clear decline in recent decades.

  2. Lake Champlain is involved in a conspiracy to fake global warming along with Hudson Bay, the Arctic ice cap, Al Gore, humboldt squid, John Tyndall, the muslim brotherhood, George Soros and the Illuminati? (ok, I tossed a few in there for Glenn Beck)Or, maybe the planet is warming due to added greenhouse gasses.

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