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It’s kind of a shame that reality is too slippery for us to quantify the amount of wrongness. Think of how useful it would be to if we had a unit of wrongness. Let’s say we had a unit – for absolutely no reason at all let’s call it a “beck” – that would allow us to express how wrong something is. “Ooh, close, but you’re wrong by 3 millibecks.” or “Whoa, off by a kilobeck.”

Of course, in our turf the right unit would be a watts. This could lead to some confusion between, say, kilowatts and kilowattses, but watt can you do?


  1. @King of the Road.On another blog, someone suggested that 1 beck be the maximum amount of wrongess with 0 being no wrongess. That way you wouldn't have to worry about kilobecks, and the amount of wrongness is constrained to a specific range similar to other units–e.g. the r squared-value for correlation in stats. Keeping it at no more than 1 beck also means that once you get to 1 beck, you just can't be any more wrong (although you may be in danger of being given your own tv show on Fox). 🙂

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