None Like It Hot!

h/t Joe Hanson of Austin TX


  1. Great cartoon.One of the few geoengineering schemes that might even make sense is a very modest one, Ice911, run by a neighbor of mine, with top-notch advisors like Terry Root and (before his death) Steve Schneider.The basic idea is to engineer cheap, appropriate, floating materials to cover parts of the Arctic Ocean and raise its albedo to slow the melt, i.e., reduce the ice-albedo positive feedback. Leslie gave an interesting presentation on this at our local town center about a year ago. A worthy cause, I've donated.

  2. But we are already trying that, and it is not working. The Arctic sea ice is just melting away and the planet is still getting hotter. What will happen when all the Arctic sea ice has melted?Cheers, Alastair.

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