Fox Clears Everything Up Tonight

via National Review

Sean Hannity will host a special on global warming tonight at 9 p.m. EST on Fox News.

They clearly dedicated time and energy to this over the past several weeks, including lengthy interviews with me and a couple of colleagues.

DVR it to torture certain dinner and holiday guests.

Chris Horner

I am sure Fox will apologize for all the wild allegations of the last few months, right? Right?


  1. Then I have a much, much, much more ethical solution: simply buy the inactivists off with money.Be careful not to approach the idiots who do it for free. Other than that, pretty great idea.

  2. Sorry for OT, but anybody noticed? "Fires in South Africa"The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite detected 148,946 fires (!!) in this image on August 23, 2010.While most of these fires are deliberately set by local farmers, at the same time:"In 2010, however, unusually dry weather and winds allowed many land management fires to expand into dangerous large wildfires." this article at Mongabay is very relvant, notice the year 2005:…I am interested to see global NPP anomaly for 2010 (see graph): we seen "Peak NPP" in 1997?Alex

  3. One of the first to come up on the video is Roy Spencer. On the computer screen in the background the frontpage of the Monckton's "SPPI Monthly CO2 Report", July 2010 edition, is displayed fullscreen.

  4. "We are, today, unfortunately, living in a cultural and intellectual and political environment that basically flushes scientific understanding and reason itself down the toilet, often knowingly. […]"People — and seemingly growing numbers of them — are simply ignoring basic facts and basic reasoning. […]"So, WHO is the ultimate target for excellently-reasoned fact-based arguments[…]? […] if Senators are not paying attention to reason or fact, and if the Administration itself is (it seems to me) somehow not acting based on a COMBINATION of fact, excellent reasoning, and COURAGE, then what?"From a comment on Climate Progress. And my blog reply.In other news, hack writing is a lucrative profession, and that's not going to change (unless, well, someone changes it).– frank

  5. As a believer in science, and paradoxically a Republican, it was a painful thing to witness.Roy Spencer says, at 6:00"Politicians are more interested in gaining power than in improving our economy; either that, or they're plain stupid"About the only thing I've ever heard him say that I don't disagree with.Video here: at your own peril.The Yooper

  6. I watched it and my head would have exploded, but vodka saved me. People interviewed:Horner, Ebell, McKitrick, Micheals (who was very pissed off about having been included in AR4), Lindzen, Spencer, Christy. Also lots of economists who just can't get their heads around pricing externalities. And oh yeah, climategate. Lots of climategate.Hardly worth deconstructing, but I did DVR it so I might have more to say…

  7. I remember Chris Horner once was a media alarmistWho couldn’t quite write where the harm isBut a box of car partsWith some rhetorical artPackaged the correct political message

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