Homage a “Neverending Audit”

“The sound of a resounding tu quoque with the morning coffee is always priceless.”

Willard, waking up entertained.

It’s from an amazing and largely terrifying thread at CA, by the way. Consider also Mosher’s charming and erudite

Rest assurred [sic], other inquiries from our side are moving forward and bearing fruits if what I’m hearing is correct. Kudo’s [sic] to ford.


  1. They learned nothing (according to McIntyre)? I beg to differ. Way back in 2004, this is what Phil Jones had already learned (1083962601):"Many of us in the paleo field get requests from skeptics (mainly a guy called Steve McIntyre in Canada) asking us for series. Mike and I are not sending anything, partly because we don't have some of the series he wants, also partly as we've got the data through contacts like you, but mostly because he'll distort and misuse them.Despite this, Mike and I would like to make as many of the series we've used in the RoG plots available from the CRU web page."That's not nothing, but I will admit it's not what McIntyre wants. I find it very interesting that they view him as dishonest (rather than the "uh-oh, he's on to us!" you would see in private emails if McIntyre were correct) and that they pretty obviously wanted to make data public for everyone. Also, their secret reasons for withholding data? They didn't have it, couldn't share it or didn't trust McIntyre to understand it. It takes a special kind of brain to read the emails and come away with anything other than, "they sure didn't respect McIntyre's ability to understand the science or be honest about it".

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