Godwin’s Law, Humor, and Fun

Speaking as someone who was raised by, and raised surrounded by, survivors of Nazi atrocities, I would request at least another couple of generations’ extension on Godwin’s law. I mean, I think it’s OK by now to make jokes about the Spanish Inquisition or Atilla the Hun. Yellow badge jokes? Maybe someday, maybe, but not yet. So I don’t think the “yellow badges for greenhouse denial” campaign reflects very positively on its participants.

This comment says: “Humor and fun are natural byproducts of curiosity and learning.” Yeah, well human decency is a bit of a precursor to learning, don’t you think?

As for “our friends on the other side of the argument always seem to be such sourpusses”, well, yeah. Duh.

In my case this bit of “humor and fun” hasn’t helped any.


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