Giving the Devil his Due

Willis Eschenbach really ticked me off on my foray into Climate Audit.

So it’s with mixed feelings but with absolutely no irony or sarcasm intended that I point you to his excellent FAQ on the CO2 record at Watts Up. If you run into a naysayer who says nay to the CO2 record itself, this sound, clear and informed exposition will have the extra cachet with them of being at the Watts site.


  1. Note how pissed off Watts is when someone points out that all the data is available via the WMO :-)I think it is also very funny that Watt's "skeptics" are prepared (just about) to accept the obvious when explained by one of their own but not otherwise.From the comments there, I see that the "yes but is it man-made" sect still flourishes. I think Willis should follow up with a post proving the rise is anthro, just to wind them up.

  2. Well Michael, you impelled me to make my first ever visit to WTFUWT. I was reasonably impressed with Eschbach's post, but the comments fulfilled my worst expectations. The distrust of the experts, on the one hand, and the confidence in the commenter's own expertise, on the other. The ironing, it burns 8^(!

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