Aardvark and No Play

“aardvark” has a plausible summary of the state of play at the well site. Be sure to click through to the diagram while you read it. I am not saying that everything there is right (I am not qualified to say either way) but it certainly offers some insight into the flavor of the technical problem.

Comment 7 on this Dot Earth article is somewhat simpler, and also tells the story quite well.


  1. Maddening. Last comment at the WKRG video page was stopped for a long time showing the bent over pipe at the top of the BOP, same one identified in the thread Aardvark started.The poster at WKRG mentions something happening with a specific timestamp:"I am saying at 4:07 am this morning that pipe above burst wide open …."No clue what's really going on.Very curious what the Herc 6 Plume Monitoring video shows, several people have commented it now looks like the flow is doming out of something down in a hole, but that could be perspective if it's a view from almost overhead looking down at the seabed.

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