Nature Doesn’t Need a Seat at the Table

Nature doesn’t need an army of lawyers.
Nature is the law.

Nature doesn’t ask for protection.
Nature demands respect.

Nature doesn’t need a seat at the table.
Nature is the table.

-Irene Tobis and Michael Tobis

(See “Nature is not a budget item” for a more prosaic version of this argument.)


  1. Nature is red in tooth and clawEntropy grows 'cause that's its lawNature cares not for your alarmOr polar bears that you might harmRational beings demand respectAll other ethics will leave you wretch'd

  2. Nature dealsNature can disarm a town the size of AbileneNature is the queen of diamondsNature never draws to an inside straightNature may loose a hand butNature’s got no chance of loosing given enough time

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