Walking Considered Weird

A readable article, flickering somewhere between respectful and mildly condescending, about a journalism professor appears in the Austin Statesman, focusing largely on the man’s refusal to own a car. Living without a car, in Texas, constitutes news. One of the reader comments reads

“In the classroom we heard about his unique way of life. I guess I thought it was weird at the time, but consistently living according to one’s own standards and convictions is something to be admired. Plus I bet his health care bills are next to nothing!”

On this score, This small city in Russia is very weird.


  1. To be fair, I think for a university (assoc) prof to be picking his shoes out of the trash is reasonably considered somewhat eccentric. I agree with you that the strong focus on him not having a car is a bit odd. Something like 30% of households in the UK don’t have a car (as high as 60% in urban areas). Of course I’m sure figures for the USA are lower, but even so it can hardly be unheard-of.As for walking 3 1/2 miles – a bicycle would surely be more sensible 🙂

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